Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Face of a Killer

Are there "tells" in the faces of killers? This morning I happened across this photo of Nehemiah Griego, the 15-year old New Mexico teen accused of killing his family and plotting to randomly gun down Wal-Mart shoppers. What do you see in his face?

How does it compare to Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook gunman? How about James Holmes, the Aurora movie theater gunman?

I see contempt in Nehemiah's face. Note the pointed and commanding look in his eyes and his lips (tight and left corner slightly pointed up).

I also see what we call "head down, eyes up" posture which also reflects contempt, what my husband Mike refers to as "seething contempt."

Body Language expert Jack Brown suggests we pay attention to the "white and wild stare" as seen in Adam Lanza picture and also in James Holmes. According to Brown, "when the central forehead is also contracted along with widely opened eyes and displayed chronically should send a loud alarm."

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